Monday, July 1, 2013

On the Subject of Getting to Point B (or, Foot Traffic is Still Traffic)

We went to the walking street market last night. A large part of the old city was closed off to vehicles and turned into a massive marketplace, with vendors lining both sides of the roads and performers everywhere. There were a lot of tourists there, but plenty of locals, too. It was a pretty reasonable crowd when we arrived. By the time we left, though, it was... well... We were almost late for our ride back to the hostel because we just couldn't get through.

That's probably the biggest problem I've had getting around - just knowing when to go, crossing streets and getting past people and so on. Traffic laws are a little different, I think, and it's sometimes hard to tell which light goes to which lane and what direction is moving when. The fact that there are so many scooters zipping around makes it kind of overwhelming to try and keep track of. They scare me more than the cars, really, when I'm trying to cross the road... Which is silly, but still true.

Speaking of being unnecessarily alarmed, Gabe and I just got back from sending our clothes for washing. We've both been doing our own laundry since middle school. This whole... leaving them for someone else to wash idea is strange and unsettling to me.

But, I suppose I'll just have to get over it.

Having a surprising amount of success at smothering anxiety,
Carrie, Writer in Training

- Summary Days 7-8 -
Discovered Walking Street
Items Obtained
- Assorted Gifts
- Adorable Miniature Lined Notebook
- Adorable Miniature Unlined Notebook
- Laundry Slip
Suffered headache (-1 Intelligence)

1 comment:

  1. LOL!
    I find it hilarious that you have anxiety over allowing someone else to do your laundry, sweetie!
    I do understand, really I do.
    Deep breaths, in, out.
    Relax - - it's good. :-)
    Love you!!